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Thu at 10:32
Thu at 10:33
Thu at 10:34
so I can not work
people87940 x has left the channel [Thu at 11:00]
Thu at 12:43
is the game still up
Thu at 12:44
Thu at 12:44
any new update?
Thu at 12:44
like staff wise
Thu at 12:44
any new admins or anything
Thu at 12:44
nope, just coasting, can't buy vip anymore
Thu at 12:44
Thu at 12:45
waiting for silverj to see if he starts the game back up,,,until then we are just waiting
Thu at 18:13
whats going on?cant buy vip :(
dan40 has left the channel [Thu at 20:49]
dan40 has left the channel [23 hours ago]
18 hours ago
Silviu... Probably you won't be able to buy VIP anymore..
17 hours ago
17 hours ago
Anonymous has left the channel [15 hours ago]
14 hours ago
6AM - 10AM AdamSuperChamp in his morning show
11 hours ago
11 hours ago
10AM - 2PM SugerCubes now on SSR Radio Staring This Monday
11 hours ago
2PM - 7PM Ryan316 in his Afternoon Show
11 hours ago
7PM - 12AM FastExtreme_99/ChristianRacer12 on his night show
11 hours ago
that's ur Radio Schedule from Mon-Fri
11 hours ago
Mon - Sat 7PM - 12AM FastExtreme_99/ChristianRacer
11 hours ago
7 hours ago
7 hours ago
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