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Thu at 10:55
what apps or system requirements needs ssr and ssz
Thu at 10:55
Thu at 10:55
still showing me critical error
Thu at 10:55
any if know help pls :dizzy:
Thu at 13:05
Fri at 12:44
Hi :)
Fri at 12:48
Amy (Me), Fi
Fri at 12:49
Finally washed my FEET lol
Fri at 13:32
Lol Hey Amy
Fri at 14:18
Hi GPR_TJ :)
Fri at 15:09
Sat at 0:14
Sat at 0:33
Sat at 18:21
It's a message for all , my friend can not cope with the message that it send suzan_100 and tata48 is supposedly adult people but behave like children , stop because regret....
Sat at 18:22
suzan_100 and tata48 this is stupid people , he like send bad message on priv chat
Sat at 18:28
i dont like stupid people , all please no write stupid message ....
Sat at 19:18
Sun at 10:55
Diabel7 you have proof?
Sun at 10:55
If you not have, then shut up
Sun at 10:59
and you can ignore they
Sun at 12:33
Sun at 12:33
Somebody is trying to scamm me
Sun at 12:33
any gm here ?
Sun at 12:59
gms are in game. just people always spam in game and here
Sun at 12:59
Gexho7 tried to scamm me
Sun at 12:59
i post in forum
Sun at 13:00
we need to wait for people to say his opinion and how long ban gexho need for that
Sun at 13:00
Sun at 14:11
Yes Gexho is Selling account
19 hours ago
Hey guys, if anybody needs vip i can buy to them. Contact me on
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